How to get real instagram followers

real-instagram-followersAs all social networks, with Instagram become more popular and most mobile photo sharing App.  We all want to have a place some where on popular page before its too late. But! before you know how to get real instagram followers?
i want you to answer the following question: Why would i follow you?

Either you have an answer or not, lets discover how to get real instagram followers quickly?

  • Let your existing friends and fans from other social network know about your instagram account.

Keep your friends updated about your new Instagram account by new statues if your in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to ask them to follow you on Instagram. You can place your instagram profile  link so they can follow you by one click.

You might need to describe Instagram to your friends/fans first for those who didn’t join yet.

  • Engage.

Always keep in mind not to leave your photos hanging alone. when you post a new photo, always post a followup comments, show your care about what your followers have to say.

  • Marketing your content in good plan.

Its very important to keep your account fresh and healthy by posting new photos periodically 1-3 times is a very good range, but space between each out. Avoid posting similar photos. you want to make sure that your content appeals to each.

Only use tags that related to your photo, don’t use many hashtags to only gain more likes or followers because it doesn’t work this way. Means DON’T use #dog with fashion photo! use #fashion instead.

  • Run a contest.

This can take you to master level with your fan engagement, Be smart, for example: you can create your own new hashtag that hasn’t been used to track your contest. Do your search first to make sure your selected hashtag is not being used.

Promote your contest with your other social media channels.

  • Deal with popular.

Partner or hire popular user to cover your event or guest post on your account. this will exposure your account to new circle.

by the above notes you may know how to get real Instagram followers. I am always asking every one to be creative as much as you can, I am sure your few steps away from your success.

Feel free to post your instagram username here for others to follow you.

Happy photographing :)