Instagram Followers Tips : Grab the eye-balls.

In a newspaper it is said that pictures are the most attention grabbing of all elements of newspaper.  Second being those sensational headlines we are misfortunes to see in newspapers which only merit the title “yellow journals”.  This is the case I make to excuse myself to write an article-following my irresistible urge to make a point or two meta- Instagram. Check these instagram follower tips to grab eyeballs.

instagram crappy photo

Instagram Followers Tips 1: Nobody wants to see crap uploaded

Pick and choose your photos carefully. Not that many of us prefer seeing your very personal pictures. Very personal pictures would mean a picture which only makes sense to you or your group of friends. Inside jokes are funny only on the inside. Inside jokes appeal only to a very limited number of users i.e. your group of friends.



Instagram Followers Tips 2: Create the right kind of metadata.

I agree, I only have to make this point to the extinct moronic species out there, but, for a beginner the right kind of metadata comes with experience. Mistakes by a beginner is clearly not due to lack of intelligence but due to lack of inexperience. Do not put a picture of Eiffel Towers and forget to mention “Eiffel Tower”, “Paris” or “Champ De Mars” in the metadata section. Using hash tags would be the proper way to enter metadata. Using hash tags, be assured, will push you up the ranks within machine understood social networking world.


Gio-TaggingInstagram Followers Tips 3: Geo-tagging assists the traveler-self in others.

Geo-Tagging would mean to enter the geographical location in which the pictures were taken. It grabs the attention of aspirant travelers  and also the less fortunes ones who can only window shop the world touring mall. Geo-tagging assists Instagram to bring up other pictures which were taken in the same location. Your profile gets popular if these tips are followed. Expect good traffic.


CommentInstagram Followers Tips 4: Use your social skills for improved good will.

Be as social as possible online. Do visit other pages and share your opinions. Compliment others’ uploads. Make sure your comments in form of compliments, opinions and criticisms are sincere. A superficial comment will merit you into other’s avoid list. Do not be insensitive in the way you opine.



publicInstagram Followers Tips 5: Make your photos public. It is basic requirement.

Make your profile and pictures public. Make it as public or open as possible. There are degrees to how open or public your profile is. In other words do not create too many restrictions for others to access your profile. After all we are dealing with social networking sites here. If you think a particular photo is too private to be put up, please realize we are in social space and this space is not an appropriate place for you to store photos. There are other options for such purposes, look up on cloud space. And also remember to link your Instagram to your Facebook pages and other similar pages.

With enough experience you will be able to add to this list of Instagram followers tips. Socialize!