How to avoid spam on instagram?


the number of spam on Instagram is insane now days don’t you agree? I guess its a very common issue for every Instagram user of how many attacks our accounts getting abused by spammers on instagram.

On my personal account i am getting dozen of “FAKE” accounts that keep commenting, following and unfollowing  my account. Those accounts are so clear that they are scammers and seeking for your attention to fill fake surveys.

For the last 2  weeks I have been doing a deep case study on how those spammer works and whenthey attack us. So far I have found some important topics to share it with you in hope to  avoid spam on Instagram.


Spam on Instagram tip 1: Using hashtags.Spam-profile

When you use too many tags on your new photos this mean you are getting a very big chance of more attacks from spammers.

My advice at the moment is to use the only few related Hashtags on your photo instead of the maximum limit of allowed tags.

 Spam on Instagram tip 2: Following fake accounts.

If you like to follow everyone who followed you or even if you automated this feature keep in mind to avoid following spammers. this will give them low chance to attack your profile. If you find a profile following thousands of people with few followers then ignore it.


Spam on Instagram tip 3: Report Spammers.

Its very important to report spammers on Instagram once your 100% sure its a spam account. use the report button up to right corner on the annoying account. You can also report spammers comments who keep posting fake URLS to gain followers after filling a survey. those offers is fake and waste of time so be careful.